The Ooh La Leche collection of skin and hair care products are organic and all-natural. Each product is made with pregnant mare's milk (PMM) which contains the same gestational hormones and nutrients that a woman produces during her pregnancy. The earliest physical sign in human pregnancy is the full, vibrant and radiant change in the facial complexion...The "glow" that gives away her little secret! This can be duplicated with the use of products made with PMM. The shampoo, conditioner, creams and body balm all contain 10% PMM that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Ooh La Leche's products promote healthy skin and hair, naturally.

The use of mare's milk dates back to ancient cultures. The people of Europe and ancient Rome cherished it's healing and regenerating effects. Cleopatra, one of the earliest beauty icons, would bathe in mare's milk as a luxurious treatment to leave her skin and hair silky soft. The beauty industry has been and continues to evolve incorporating the newest and best ingredients to produce treatments for consumers. We too, have stumbled across Cleopatra's secret! Mare's milk contains hormones and enzymes which can be very beneficial to maintaining skin and hair. These help the skin maintain hydration by increasing the skin's ability to retain water and it also helps by delicately promoting exfoliation by stimulating cell-turnover. Mare's milk has a pH that is close to that of the human body, so it keeps the skin balanced and nourished. Mare's milk can be beneficial for all skin and hair types because of the ingredients' ability to stimulate collagen production. This improves the skin's elasticity, nourishes the hair's texture and accelerates the healing of dry and damaged skin and hair. Mare's milk, as a skin and hair care ingredient, can provide a daily boost of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will revitalize the skin and help promote the skin's cells to properly regenerate. The positive effects that result from using this gift from nature were appreciated centuries ago, and are now available again! Relax and enjoy the unique healing effects of all of our Ooh La Leche skin and hair care products!