Ooh La Leche is a unique gift of nature made from Pregnant Mare’s Milk (PMM). We are the first and only company in the United States that has collected mare’s milk from Amish Grade A dairies, spray-dried to powder form, and formulated into products. Our Total Body Care Collection includes a skin and hair care line of products plus also, dietary supplements which are all made with pure horse milk. The entire human body is enhanced and nourished from…. Head to Toe, 24/7, Inside & Out

Ooh La Leche nourishes the body both externally and internally. The use of mare's milk dates back to ancient cultures who cherished its healing and regenerating effects. We have stumbled across the secrets of Genghis Khan, one of the most powerful warriors of all time; and Cleopatra, one of the earliest beauty icons! The positive effects that result from using this gift from nature were appreciated centuries ago and are now available again. Cleopatra would bathe in mare's milk as a luxurious treatment to leave her skin and hair silky soft.

The beauty industry has been and continues to evolve incorporating the newest and best ingredients to produce treatments for consumers. Mare's milk contains hormones and enzymes which can help the skin maintain hydration by increasing the skin's ability to retain water. It also helps by delicately promoting exfoliation by stimulating cell-turnover. Mare's milk has a pH that is close to that of the human body, so it keeps the skin balanced and nourished. Mare's milk can be beneficial for all skin and hair types because of the ingredients' ability to stimulate collagen production. This improves the skin's elasticity, nourishes the hair's texture and accelerates the healing of dry and damaged skin and hair. Mare's milk, as a skin and hair care ingredient, can provide a daily boost of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will revitalize the skin and help promote the skin's cells to properly regenerate.

Not only is mare’s milk beneficial when used topically, it is even more so internally! Genghis Khan totally lived off the horse. Besides using horses to travel quickly, mare’s milk was consumed daily in order to provide the strength to be victorious in battle. The vitamins and minerals contained in the horse milk, helped to keep the warriors healthy.

Ooh La Leche has taken pregnant mare’s milk, spray- dried to powdered form, and encapsulated into dietary supplements that can be taken daily. It contains many of the essential components necessary for optimal health and rejuvenation. The Digestive Health Supplement promotes internal cleansing, stimulates the immune defense system, and is good for muscles, joints, and bones. It is also known to help with the symptoms of IBS and Crohn’s Disease. The Menopausal Relief Supplement has been known to reduce hot flashes, improve night sweats, enhance focus, and increase energy.

Ooh La Leche can truly achieve…


Head to Toe, 24/7, Inside & Out