• Mare's Milk Capsules 250mg

    All of us at Ooh La Leche are excited to start the new year with the launch of our mare's milk capsules.  It's been a long time coming and the day is finally here.  The benefits that come with the consumption of mare's milk are many and I encourage all readers to take the time and research the qualities in mare's milk.  Stay tuned for more info and visit our website to order your own bottle of mare's milk capsules.
    Posted by J. Alonzo Cavazos
  • Draft Horse Journal Spring 2015

    If you love seeing beautiful pictures and reading great articles about horses, you need to check out the Spring Edition of Draft Horse Journal!  It is a unique magazine, for over half a century, that keeps heavy horse folks informed, entertained and interested!  The pregnant mare's milk that is used in the Ooh La Leche products comes from this breed of large horses.  Our ad can be found on page 137 of the Spring Edition.
    Posted by Laura Turnipseed
  • Guideposts March Edition

    Check out our Ooh La Leche ad found in this month's Guideposts on Page 65!  Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, nonprofit magazine written by people from all walks of life.  Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.  We are pleased to be an addition to such a positive format.
    Posted by Laura Turnipseed

    We are excited for Ooh La Leche to finally be galloping!  Our skin care products are ready for sale!  Our pharmacist is working on the dietary supplements that will enhance the body internally as the skin care does externally.  Ooh La Leche is a unique gift of nature that nourishes the body from ... Head to Toe, 24/7, Inside and Out!

    Posted by Laura Turnipseed